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WikiMe app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 7618 ratings )
Travel Lifestyle
Developer: Supportware
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.3.1, last update: 3 months ago
First release : 03 Aug 2008
App size: 446.89 Kb

WikiMe is a fun and interesting way to find Wikipedia articles for your
current location or a postal code of your choice. By default WikiMe uses the current location found by your device to search for geotagged Wikipedia articles near you. Its unlike the experience you have when browsing to the Wikipedia website, because of the geotagged articles WikiMe searches for, you get articles related to a location.

You can use a postal code to search for a specific location. This feature is especially interesting when you want to read information about a place
you are going to or where you have been.
You can read articles in these languages:
English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Português, Polski, Nederlands, Esperanto, Suomi, Svenska, Norsk, Japanese.

Highlights of WikiMe:
- Search articles for your current location
- Search articles for a postal code
- Nearby photos for selected article
- Mapview for nearby photos
- User defined radius and maximum number of search results
- Bookmark interesting articles
- Map view for viewing articles or bookmarks
- Landscape mode for articles, mapview
- Multi language articles
- Send interesting articles to friends by Email

"WikiMe is a neat little app that displays those Wikipedia articles for locations close to you. Final Statement: FUN! Definitely worth getting."

"Awesome stuff for touring, or just learning more about your city, especially if you live in a large metro area with lots of tagged articles. And its a buck."

Pros and cons of WikiMe app for iPhone and iPad

WikiMe app good for

This app really surprised me in terms of its ease of use and intuitiveness. It found my location instantly and popped out around 30 local spots with links to the articles within the app itself. I love the map feature (though its a bit sluggish), the picture icons next to each location, and the ability to specify the search radius. Good god man, get this app! Steal for .99c!
Useful, stable, works well, in Canada just use first 3 letters of postal code. Easy to use, it would be interesting to see if this apps GUI could be used to tap into other databases besides wiki.
Very useful and user friendly application. Works great in the GVA (Greater Vancouver Area) here in Canada.
This app is awesome!! I changed my review from 1 star because the update fixed the bugs it had and these guys seem to be dedicated to making their app better. Good job!
Not sure why this isnt more popular?? The ability to see a list of noteworthy sites and towns, neatly ordered from your GPS location, is really fantastic! It leverages Wikipedia in a very useful way. This is your portal to a free, community generated travel guide. One suggestion would be for the links to open in a more mobile-friendly version of Wikipedia, of which there are several. 5 stars from me!
This is great!!! If you live in a area such as NYC, dense with interesting locations and rich history, this app is fantastic. Walking around your own neighboorhood or exploring somewhere else, the history and trivia of the area automatically bubble to the surface--many of which I never would have known to look up in Wikipedia. That armory building in my neighborhood, for example: Ive walked past it for years, even wondered about it, but now I know its role in the Civil War, the architects, even which movies were shot there. Id love to see something similar with Emporis (buildings, architecture, photos), and NYC Songlines (block-by-block history and trivia). I would have given this 5 stars, but like many apps with embedded Safari, there is no landscape mode, making the Wikis hard to read. Thankfully, zoom is supported, but even zoomed to fit, the text is tiny. Awesome app! Thanks!

Some bad moments

Need to resolve screen redraw glitches and not enough sexy interface
Fixed iPod touch issue quickly. Hope to see a few more changes to the wiki display options. Well worth the money.
Upon opening the app, it froze every time. Couldnt scroll, couldnt tap links, etc. Waste of 99 cents.
A brilliant idea. It worked great when I first got it, but now more times than not it never pulls any results back - just a spinning icon. Not sure if this is a problem with the application or with Wikipedia, but better feedback on what is going on at a minimum is essential.
i was unhappy with this software because it links to wikipedia subjects in a normal viewing format and not in a mobile format. it recommends viewing in a mobile format but does not link you there. if it did lauch the subjects in a format you can easily read on my itouch it would have been much better.
Ive been playing with HearPlanet and it is way better for this type of searching. Formatted for iPhone plus audio.